Guaranteed Job Placement

Once you have successfully become a full qualified driving instructor (ADI) the next stage is where you go from there. 

There is lots of driving instructor training companies on the market some great, some good and some not very good ones. Here at Scotties Instructor Training School we pride ourselves on being the best this is why we work with our sister company called Scotties Driving School.

We have made sure that our team at Scotties Instructor Training School have the knowledge expertise and drive to help you further with our driving school franchise opportunities. 

 We will set up advertising in your area. Our team have a wealth of understanding of what needs to be done to make you a success in your own area.

We recognised once you have qualified it would not be fair to leave you on your own if you require professional support to help you. This is why our sister company (Scotties Driving School) will take over with your needs once you have finished learning to become a driving instructor 

Some people feel they want to go it alone and that’s fine too we wish them luck but the support is there if you do need it.